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Automatic Oven Loading Systems

The Henry Group designs and manufactures automatic oven loading systems for loading and unloading bread, bun, sheet, or specialty pans directly into or from Traveling Trays and Tunnel Ovens. Our Traveling Tray Loader/Unloader is available in various configurations to fit your needs. We also provide Tunnel Oven Loaders and Unloaders for hearth-baked products. Our Wing Loaders transfer proofed products directly from peel boards to the baking surface. Our Hearth Unloaders can be configured in a variety of methods depending on product specifications. Our Combination Loaders and Unloaders offer the versatility to load hearth-baked products or panned products directly to and from the oven and are offered with dual discharge product conveyor systems. THG also manufactures Overhead Proofer Elevators, Lowerators, Loaders, and Unloaders along with In-Pan Cooler Transfer Loaders.

Available Types of Automatic Oven Loading Systems

  • Pan Loaders/Unloaders
  • 3 Stage Loaders
  • Hearth Product Loaders/Unloaders
  • Combination Pan and Hearth Loaders/Unloaders
  • Wing Loader/Peel Board Unloader/Oven Loader
  • In-Pan Cooler Transfer Loaders
  • Pin Style Loaders/Unloaders for Pie Tins
  • Tilting Bed Unloaders
  • Hearth Slide Discharge Conveyor Unloaders
  • Peel Board Rack Loaders for Proofer/Retarders

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