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Bakery Tray Proofers

Tray Proofers provide an automated yet versatile proofing environment with a high volume of output. Bakery tray proofers can easily accommodate changes in pan sizes and are designed as an integral part of a fully automated line. This type of proofer is equally suited in a plant making small runs of different products as well as running large runs of continuous product. Dough proofing trays also benefit from the ability to utilize space more efficiently than other types of proofers. The design variations allow bakery tray proofers to be built over the top of existing equipment such as ovens or to be fully floor mounted. 

Proofer Loaders and Unloaders come in a variety of styles. Loaders are available in our standard pusher style configuration or as a lug style loader to accommodate space constraints. We also provide Proofer Elevators and Lowerators for split level applications like unloading on a different floor of a multi-story building.

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