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Tunnel Ovens

bakery tunnel oven

Direct Gas Fired Tunnel Oven

These tunnel ovens for commercial bakeries are designed for baking a vast variety of products in pans or directly on the hearth. Air turbulence provides a uniform bake with strong product side walls and shorter bake time. Multiple thermocouple sensors determine bake chamber temperature and provide zoned temperature control for complete flexibility. Individually controlled burners are located above and below the hearth for even heat distribution. The mesh hearth allows for air circulation and uniform pattern on the bottom of products. 

Indirect Gas Fired Tunnel Oven

The Henry Group's Indirect Gas, Propane, or Oil Fired Tunnel Ovens are designed for baking products both in pans and directly on the hearth. Natural gas or oil burners fire into a combustion chamber that supplies the radiant heat system within the baking chamber. This keeps combustion by-products outside the baking chamber allowing products to bake in the heated ambient air. The mesh hearth allows complete air circulation and uniform pattern on the bottom of products. THG provides full lateral heat adjustments every ten feet for maximum bake control in the upper and lower zones. Steam zones are available as optional upgrades.

Flash Heat is the build-up of heat in the oven that is left in the empty Bake Chamber and can over bake the leading and trailing groups of production runs. THG's turbulence systems create a continuous wiping action around the product to aid in faster bake times, reduced baking temperatures, and overall reduced energy consumption while providing a uniform bake.

15'-6" Bake Chamber by THG is the widest in the Industry for additional throughput without compromising on a quality bake. All of our innovative designs work seamlessly to provide maximum output and a highly consistent bake.

Roller Bed Chevrons come standard on our mesh tunnel ovens for commercial bakeries, this technology was pioneered by THG for reduced friction on the carrying surface. Also available are our Plate or Grid Hearth drive systems. 

Integrated Oxidizers means truly integrated structurally, functionally, and electrically for maximum efficiency and control. Our e4 TurboTherm technology is available on our Hybrid DGF/IDF ovens.

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