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Bakery Oven Services

The Henry Group began repairing ovens not long after becoming a bakery service company in 1976. We provide a multitude of services ranging from installation and engineered extensions to complete rebuilds of Industrial Ovens and Proofers. We have continued to expand our Oven and Proofer Services through the years to better serve our customers. We manufacture engineered OEM replacement parts and provide annual OSHA and Mechanical inspections for ovens of all types. We have many skilled and experienced professionals with years of oven and proofer knowledge.

Bakery Oven Services

  • DSI Systems and Panel Upgrades
  • Rebuilds and Repairs
  • Installations and Relocations
  • Replacement Parts
  • Chain, Track, and Tray Replacements
  • Grid, Plate, or Belt Replacements
  • Extensions and Upgrades
  • Burner System Upgrades
  • Annual OSHA and Mechanical Inspections

Bakery Oven Rebuilds, Upgrades & Repairs

THG offers complete field rebuilds and upgrades for most of the ovens and proofers used today in the high volume wholesale baking industry. Along with our replacement parts, we can provide a turnkey rebuild package including chain, parts, and labor. THG also rebuilds Loaders and Unloaders.

  • DSI Systems and Panel Upgrades
  • Conditioning System Replacements
  • Insulated Panel Upgrades
  • Oven Modifications
  • Oven Extensions
  • Onsite Oven Rebuilds and Retrofits
  • Chain Replacement Services
  • Insulation Replacement
  • Ductwork Replacement

Bakery Oven Replacement Parts

We manufacture many oven replacement parts for various Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Gas Fired Industrial Ovens used today in bakery and food process facilities. THG is a Master Value Added Reseller within the Baking Industry for Renold Jeffrey Chain.

  • Ignitor Flags
  • Oven Turning Points
  • Oven Insulation
  • Trunnion Assemblies
  • Z-bars
  • Turning Point and Shoes
  • Bronze Teflon Wear Guides
  • Return Track Bridge
  • Oven Chain, Sprockets, and Shafts
  • Thermocouple Assemblies
  • Burner Assemblies
  • Hearth Plates and Grids
  • Oven Trays
  • Pressure Gas Switches
  • Spark Monitors
  • Gas Valves
  • Fabricated Oven Vent Stacks
  • Renold Jeffrey Oven Chains

OSHA & Mechanical Oven Inspections

We offer annual OSHA and Mechanical inspections for most Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Gas Fired Industrial Ovens used in wholesale bakeries and prepared food facilities. We provide a detailed analysis of each oven based on OSHA and NFPA regulations. We inspect for mechanical wear and make recommendations on upgrades or improvements needed. Upon request we will provide written estimates for repairs, maintenance, or general oven service. We provide annual inspections for proofers as well.

  • General Safety and Operational Inspection
  • Safety Markings to OSHA Guidelines
  • Supply Line and Pressure Inspection
  • Burner and Valve Inspections
  • Vent and Exhaust Inspections
  • Written Safety Procedures Inspected
  • Safety Switch and Procedures Check
  • Chain and Mechanical Inspection
  • Detailed Written OSHA Inspection Reports
  • Oven Mole Tests

Bakery Oven Installations & Relocations

The Henry Group provides complete Oven and Proofer Installations and relocations within a plant or cross country. We handle everything from start to finish. From installation and modification to fabrication and manufacturing support, our crews have the expertise and support to get the job done right. THG started as a Bakery Millwright firm in 1976 and Oven Rebuilds soon became a regular service provided by our crews. We also provide complete line installations from the Ingredient System to the Dock Doors. Our crews are supported by our 81,000 SF manufacturing facility. We provide bakery support from Shut Down Outages to Complete Lines.

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