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Industrial Baking Ovens

The Henry Group designs and manufactures a full range of industrial ovens for the wholesale baking industry.  We provide Tunnel and Tray Ovens for many applications in widths ranging from a one meter  to 15’-6” wide which is the widest oven in the baking industry allowing maximum throughput.  We design ovens for quality of bake through maximum adjustability, energy efficiency, and durability.  We provide Indirect and Direct Gas Fired models with a wide variety of baking surfaces and drive systems.  We provide a full complement of support and ancillary equipment to support our ovens including loading and unloading systems, conveyors, depanners, and pan cleaners.

Baking Ovens

  • DGF - Traveling Tray Oven single lap, (also convection heat)
  • DGF - Mesh Hearth and Plate Hearth
  • IGF - Indirect fired Mesh Hearth
  • Hybrid DGF / IGF
  • Steam Sections
  • E4 - IGF / Hybrid with Integrated Catalytic Oxidizer
  • Automatic loading and unloading systems
  • Oven Loaders and Unloaders
  • Wing Loader - Peel Board Unloader/ Oven Loaders
  • Combo Pan and Hearth Product Loaders/Unloaders

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