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Bakery & Dough Proofing Equipment

What is Proofing?

In baking terminology, proofing refers to the final rise of shaped bread before baking, which is a specific rest period in the process known as fermentation. Commercial bakeries use dough proofing equipment to maintain baking schedules and deliver consistent products. Our technology is used to control the speed and qualities of fermentation.  

Bakery Proofing Systems

The Henry Group offers a complete line of bakery Proofing Systems for use in the Commercial Baking Industry.  We custom design and size our technology to fit your production capacity and needs.  Our bakery proofing equipment includes rack proofers, tray proofers, manual boxes, and spiral proofers. We provide proofing systems ranging from Manual Proof Boxes to Semi-Automated Proofing and Retarding Boxes and then fully automated Tray Proofing Systems. We offer a number of automated loading and unloading options and a full complement of support equipment and conveyors.

  • Proof Boxes - Caster Rack, Mono-Rail Automatic Traveling Rack
  • Final Tray Proofers - Floor Mounted And Overhead
  • Final Proofers - Pita Bread And Pizza Shells
  • Final Tunnel Proofers - Danish, Buns, Bread, etc.
  • Spiral Conveyor Proofer
  • Parts - All Replacement Parts For Existing Chubco Proofers


Rack Retarders lend themselves well to certain specialized products and pro­cesses. Bagel lines require long time periods for retarding and proofing. The slow moving rack system is a natural for these applications. Continuous flow of dedicated pan/carrier are necessary requirements for this equipment. Works well in a fully automated line but can also be used with manual loading and/or unloading.

Proofer Loaders and Unloaders come in a variety of styles. Loaders are available in our standard pusher style configuration or as a lug style loaders to accommodate space constraints. We also provide Proofer Elevators and Lowerators for split level applications like unloading on a different floor of a multi-story building.

Proofer Loading Equipment

  • Proofer Groupers
  • Transpositor Conveyors
  • Step Feed Conveyors
  • Pusher Bar Loader
  • Lug Style Loader
  • Pin Style - Individual Pans
  • Pusher Bar Unloaders
  • Finger Belt Unloaders
  • Direct Transfer to Oven Hearth
  • Multi-Stage Transfer Belts
  • Seeding and Topping Conveyors
  • Peel Board Stackers
  • Peel Handling Conveyors
  • Overhead Proofer Elevator Loaders
  • Overhead Proofer Lowerater Unloaders/Oven Loaders
  • Proofer Rack Automated Widget Loaders
  • Retarder Rack Automated Widget Loaders

Proofing Support Equipment

Peel Board Cleaners lend themselves well to certain specialized products and processes. Bagel lines require long time periods for retarding and proofing on peel boards. The peel board cleaning sys­tem is a natural fit for these applications. Continuous flow of dedicat­ed peels are guaranteed for automated lines and an automated cleaning system is a necessary requirement. Our inline peel board cleaning works well in a fully automated line but can also be used manually. Combined with our bakery proofing equipment, the cleaning system serves as efficient support equipment that keeps all products maintained and optimum.

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