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About Us

The Henry Group was conceived over 45 years ago based on customer service and doing the job right the first time. We began as a Bakery Equipment installation service provider but have evolved into an equipment manufacturer as well. We concentrate on Bakery Systems and Services, our systems are thermal systems including Proofing, Retarding, Baking, Cooling and ancillary equipment to support these functions within an industrial baking environment.

the henry group

Equipment Installation

Through the years we have grown into one of the most recognized names in the Bakery Industry for Equipment Installation and Bakery Construction Services.  We have completed many successful bakery equipment installations, expansions, and plant upgrades for many well known producers in the Baking and Processed Foods Industry segments.

Equipment Manufacturing

The Henry Group manufactures baking equipment primarily for the Proofing, Retarding, Baking, and Cooling functions within an industrial baking operation.  We do however manufacture additional equipment for unique applications including some packaging equipment and ancillary equipment to support these primary functions within an industrial baking environment.  For equipment that The Henry Group does not supply directly, we work with the best suppliers within the industry to meet your specific needs and make unbiased recommendations.  If a custom piece of equipment is required and a standard solution does not exist, THG performs custom design-build equipment services when needed.  We have designed and built a wide range of custom equipment from custom slicers, custom dough make-up, to custom packaging solutions.

Our Team

Troy Henry
Chief Executive Officer

Becky Henry
Chief Services Officer

Simon Cowley
Manager of Program Management Office

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