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Bakery Proof Boxes

The Henry Group provides bakery and dough proof boxes for manual production, which can be useful for smaller bakeries and plants as well as certain product lines, such as pastries. We supply both manual proof boxes as well as rack retarders and can help you decide which equipment will bring the most efficient results for you.

Manual Proof Boxes are usually for lower production rate plants that are not ready to fully automate or plants with many small production run items. These bakery proof boxes can offer product flexibility but will lack the product consistency of throughput as seen in an automated system. Monorail systems are also available for our manual dough proof boxes for improved efficiency. THG provides two versions of manual proofers in a 2" or 4" panel design.  We fabricate and supply monorail or caster stainless proofer racks.

Rack Retarders lend themselves well to certain specialized products and processes. Bagel lines require long time periods for retarding and proofing. The slow-moving rack system is a natural for these applications. A continuous flow of dedicated pan/carrier is necessary for this equipment. Works well in a fully automated line but can also be used with manual loading and/or unloading.

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