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Bakey Thermal Services

Oven and Proofer Services

The Henry Group is a leading provider of Oven and Proofer Services for the industrial baking industry.  The Henry Group began repairing ovens not long after becoming a bakery ser­vice company in 1976.  We provide a multitude of services ranging from instal­lation and engineered extensions to complete rebuilds of Industrial Ovens and Proofers. We have continued to expand our Oven and Proofer Services through the years to better serve our customers. We manufacture engineered OEM replacement parts and provide annual OSHA and Mechanical inspections for ovens of all types. We have many skilled and experienced professionals with years of oven and proofer knowledge.

Services We Provide

  • Oven Rebuilds
  • Oven Repairs
  • Oven Upgrades
  • Oven Extensions
  • Controls and Panel Upgrades
  • Direct Spark Ignition Systems
  • Burner System Upgrades
  • Chain Replacements
  • Renold Jeffrey Chains
  • Oven Removals or Demolition
  • Oven Replacement Parts
  • Oven Relocations
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Oven Installations
  • Annual Oven Inspections

Bakery Oven Repairs, Rebuilds, & Upgrades

Over the years we have always been involved in bakery oven repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades as a part of our Construction and Installation services.  From installation and modification to fabrication and manufacturing support, our crews have the expertise and support to get the job done right.  We rebuild Ovens, Proofers, and Coolers of all types.

Annual OSHA Oven Inspections

The Henry Group offers annual OSHA inspections for most Direct-Fired, Direct Re-circulating, and Indirect Re-circulating ovens used in wholesale bakeries and prepared food facilities.  We provide a detailed Mechanical and OSHA analysis of each oven and provide written recommendations. THG can provide written estimates for repairs, maintenance, or general oven service.

Oven Installations and Relocations

The Henry Group provides complete oven Installations and relocations within a plant or cross country. We handle everything from start to finish.  From installation and modification to fabrication and manufacturing support, our crews have the expertise and support to get the job completed on time.

Oven Replacement Parts

The Henry Group manufactures many oven replacement parts for various Direct and Indirect Fired Tunnel Ovens, and Tray Ovens used today in bakery and food process facilities.  We manufacture all replacement parts in our Greenville, TX facility.

  • Ignitor Flags
  • Oven Turning Points
  • Oven Insulation
  • Trunnion Assemblies
  • Return Track Bridge
  • Oven Chain and Sprockets
  • Loader and Unloaders
  • Thermocouple Assemblies
  • Burners
  • Hearth Plates
  • Trays and Tray Repair
  • Pressure Gas Switches
  • Spark Monitors
  • Gas Valves
  • Fabricated Oven Vent Stacks
  • RenoldJeffrey Oven Chain
  • DSI Systems
  • Panel Upgrades
Ovens We Service

We service most every brand, make, and model of oven within the industry. Contact us direct for specific questions by phone at 800-356-7591.  Ovens we service include: 

  • Baker Perkins 935 Tray (APV, Turkington)
  • Baker Perkins 970 and 970A Tray (APV, Turkington)
  • Baker Perkins 960 Tunnel (APV, Turkington)
  • Pulver Genau Tunnel IDF/DGF
  • Pulver Genau Tray Ovens
  • Genau Engineering Tray and Tunnel Ovens
  • Phoenix Oven Technologies Tunnel Ovens
  • BEW/Chubco Tray Ovens
  • Universal Tunnel Ovens
  • Readco Tray Ovens
  • FME Tunnel Ovens
  • Winkler Tunnel Ovens
  • The Henry Group Tray Ovens (THG)
  • The Henry Group Tunnel Ovens IDF/DGF (THG)
Proofers We Service
  • Lanham Conveyorized Continuous Proofers (APV, Turkington)
  • Stewart Conveyorized Continuous Proofers
  • Bake-Tech Conveyorized Continuous Proofers
  • Baker Perkins Templex Proofers (APV, Turkington, BP)
  • Pulver Genau Tray Proofers
  • Pulver Genau Manual Proofers
  • The Henry Group Tray Proofers (THG)
  • The Henry Group Manual Proofers (THG)
  • Ribas Tray Proofers
Coolers We Service
  • Stewart Racetrack Coolers
  • Pulver/AMF Racetrack Coolers
  • Pulver Genau In-Pan Coolers
  • The Henry Group In-Pan Coolers
  • Latendorf Coolers

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