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Bakery Oven Inspection Services

The Henry Group (THG), a leading manufacturer of industrial baking ovens, offers expert oven inspection services. Our trained inspection technicians have the experience, application knowledge, and technical expertise to perform thorough inspections, cleaning, and repair services, ensuring that your oven is down for as little time as possible. We offer inspections for baking ovens from a range of manufacturers and our technicians are certified to inspect industrial ovens to both OSHA and NFPA safety standards.

Our comprehensive baking oven inspection, testing and services include:

  • Verification of programmable controller settings
  • Programming and calibration of all temperature controllers connected to the oven
  • Verification that the equipment matches its specifications, including a wiring inspection
  • Inspection of heating banks and/or burners
  • Resistance testing and amp draw testing for heater banks on electric ovens
  • Internal inspection and cleaning of burners in gas ovens
  • Inspection and cleaning of the igniter and flame rod in gas ovens
  • Verification and tuning of the inlet dampener burner control, gas pressure settings, pilot light settings, and the high/low-pressure settings in gas ovens
  • Verification and adjustment of air flow sensors to guarantee safe and regular operation
  • Adjustment of the fresh air inlet and exhaust damper, as needed
  • Verification and tuning of supply and return ductwork louver settings as needed
  • Verification and adjustment of motor overload protection if required
  • Performance of amp draw test on all motors
  • Inspection of fan wheels, door latches, bearings, door seals and hinges, and fan belts
  • Cleaning of the fan wheels to maximize airflow


Regular inspections and servicing of your industrial baking ovens are critical to ensuring the consistency, reliability, and safety of your oven’s operation. With over 35 years of experience in the manufacture, repair, installation, and inspection of industrial baking ovens, The Henry Group has the knowledge, skilled employees, and experience to inspect and service your industrial baking oven for efficient and safe performance. 

Oven Brands We Service

  • Chubco
  • Baker Perkins
  • APV
  • Universal
  • Readco
  • Teledyne Readco
  • FME
  • BEW
  • Werner Pflieder
  • Warner Lahara
  • Winkler
  • And more

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